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Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson – A Master Biography

Steve JobsSteve Jobs by Walter Isaacson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Never expected to find this much enjoyment reading a biography. Isaacson has truly done a wonderful job with this book.

For those who are too busy to read the entire book, please try to at least read the last two chapters of the book at a book store or something – These chapters are a concise summary of the entire book as well as the thesis Isaacson has been building throughout the book, and will probably make you buy and read the whole thing anyway.

To call this man a “Great Marketer” is probably a great disservice to him and Steve would probably have had a fit about that. I used to think of him as an epitome of modern marketing as well, but his attitude to marketing could probably be classified as ‘evil’ in his radar. He hated the idea of any company focusing on marketing and emphatically states that is the whole problem with most companies today. This is probably a difficult idea to get to grips with…

I hope every Management Guru and CEO is studying this book and drawing the right lessons. We could truly be in a better world if they do. I am not a fan of all apple products though I am sure the Mac is the best tech device till date and I fall on the android side of the fence.

But Jobs’ philosophy on running companies and driving innovation is the best in the modern age and should be copied shamelessly.

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